The need for a facility that meets the needs and the budget of any sports group, whether a professional sporting body, overseas group, government programme, school teams or sports clubs, was the reason for the founding of the Margate Sports and Youth Centre in 1993.A holistic approach which includes accommodation, meals, conference facilities, sports fields, equipment and training programmes was introduced to all valued customers.


Margate Sport School: Specializing in school and out of school youth events, like sports festivals, coaching camps and events, mainly over weekends and during school holidays.

Margate Sea & Sport: Supplies accommodation, meals, conference- and workshop facilities for groups and individuals.Gracelands Lodge: Supplies accommodation and meals, conference facilities for up-market groups, individuals, VIP’s and sports officials.

Margate Sport & Recreation College: This is our latest development that focuses on quality training in all sports codes. In association with the FSSI we have access to Sport Science Services and we have registered as a licensed training service provider with Sport & Recreation South Africa.